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Two Walking Figures

Torrington, Connecticut

This was once one of many parking lots for a major manufacturing company with home offices in Torrington, CT. There were large manufacturing facilities in town and scattered across the country. About twenty-five years ago I did the photography for several "capability brochures" for this very company. There don't seem to be any capabilities left to brag about now. Looks like a skeleton crew is around to maintain the buildings, or perhaps serve some warehouse functions.

The large storefront below has been empty and apparently untouched for years. It sits at the main intersection of downtown streets in the small city of Meriden.

Meriden, Connecticut

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Red Hat, III

Waterbury, Connecticut

Blog notes:

It just came to my attention that this is the 1200th Working Pictures post. Since I didn't notice hitting the 1000 mark, maybe this is a milepost worth noting. I hope there's no significance that it comes on a Friday the 13th.

Over at The WPII Blog today there's the last of my Veterans Day postings.

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