Saturday, December 24, 2022

Frozen Leaves

 Woodbury, Connecticut

On the driveway this afternoon at 13° F.

FOR SALE OR LEASE + Storm Damage

 Waterbury, Connecticut 

The storm with high winds over Thursday night and through Friday took out power all over the place but somehow we never lost service at our house. However, the nearest cell tower must have gone out because we've got no data connection and our phones jump between No Service and one bar so a couple texts have come through from the cable and power companies. I guess that's coming from a more distant but functional tower. We're at the firehouse now where there's a lot of activity trying to track the repair crews' progress. The wifi is working here and our phones have a data signal so Tina is downloading the recipes she was planning to make for the next two days. Boy are we dependent on our devices. Good thing we didn't lose power since it was 8° F this morning and isn't up to 10 yet at 10:00.

UPDATE: The cable service was restored late morning, but there's still no data service and only an intermittent weak cell signal so I'm sure the nearby tower is out of service. During the all too frequent power failures in the past we've been able to get online with our phones even though our wifi was out.