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Blue Ridge, Fog (7x17" contact print in palladium on Masa tissue)

Workshops Update

Some visitors to this blog may not be aware that I teach workshops in large format technique and platinum/palladium printing. For those interested in the classic platinum process and who live in the vicinity of northern Florida the following may be of interest.

I’m in the early stages of a plan to offer a group workshop at facilities of Daytona Beach State College in Florida, next April. The weekend workshop will take students through the entire process: we’ll make new pictures using large format film, develop the film correctly for the Pt/Pd process, prepare hand-coated platinum/palladium paper and produce Pt/Pd prints. That’s on Saturday. On Sunday participants will get to practice preparing and printing platinum materials. Everyone should end the workshop familiar enough with the process to continue working and practicing on their own. For more details follow this link to my web site Workshops Page.

Also, if you'd like the newly formed CW Traveling Platinum Workshop Road Show to come to a suitable facility near you, please let me know.
Canaan, Connecticut


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Torrington, Connecticut

Orange Truck

Torrington, Connecticut

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Risingdale, Massachusetts


I can't seem to shake the habit of putting pictures together by trapping moving objects as they go by a waiting background.

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Thomaston, Connecticut

A Little More Autumn

Litchfield, Connecticut

South Canaan, Connecticut

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Roxbury, Connecticut

Late This Afternoon
Washington, Connecticut

Earlier Today...

Someone asked whether I'm still doing any work with the large format cameras on b&w sheet film. The answer is yes.
Great Barrington, Massachusetts


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Canaan, Connecticut


It's been a strange fall in southern New England. A few bright colors, but mostly more soft and faded than usual. I spent most of yesterday roaming western CT and MA looking for interesting effects, without a whole lot of hits, though I like this one.

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