Tuesday, July 05, 2022

37th Annual July 4 Boom Box Parade

Willimantic, Connecticut

The unique thing about this Independence Day parade is that there are no marching bands. Also no registration or paperwork for anyone or any group who wants to participate. You just need to show up with a boom box (or a vehicle's sound system) and tune it to the local radio station,WILI. They play music appropriate to the occassion. I thought it was cool for the library staff to turn up to march and promote reading.

The marchers and spectator crowd were both a lot larger than the couple of other times I've been here. Right now they're trying to spot a colorfull hot air baloon drifting in from the west.

A lot of the participants intended to project social and political messages.

Note the eponymous boom box.

The two macaws were imitating female human parade screaming, but louder.

The messages kept coming.

Not everyone wanted to project something beyond the stars and stripes.

The sponsoring radio station's parade wheels.

"Support civil review board" translates to a demand for police reform.

I don't think I have to explain any of the rest.

Sunday, July 03, 2022

Jazz Camp

Washington, Connecticut 

This evening was the first of the open-to-the-public concerts by the faculty of the Litchfield Jazz Camp, held in a spectacular new auditorium on the campus of The Frederick Gunn School. The improvisational performances on four jazz/blues standards were wonderful. An hour and a quarter of intricate and brilliant playing.

Weeds, Three


Ansonia, Connecticut