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"Blue Ridge Fog, 2004"


Anyone who will be in western Connecticut over the next month or so should stop in at the KMR Gallery in Washington Depot, to see a group exhibit of photographs including work by some of photography's old masters as well as many contemporary workers. If you come by this afternoon between 2:00 and 6:00 you can get some wine and cheese and meet some of the photographers. One of my 7x17 inch palladium prints (above) will be included. It will have good company, sharing the walls with work by Koto Bolofo, Davies and Starr, John Dugdale, Michael Kenna, Marcia Lippmann, Sally Mann, Minor White, and many others. No guarantees on exactly which participants will turn up in person.
Litchfield, Connecticut

Blake Loves Bev

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The Working Pictures Blog has been getting quite a few visitors coming over from the OK1000 Pentax Blog over the past couple days. For anyone coming by specifically to see pictures made with Pentax equipment, there are loads of them here. Almost all the pictures in the daily posts from mid-December, 2006, up to this past Thursday were made with a Pentax K10D and a variety of Pentax lenses. But purely by coincidence, yesterday I began posting recent pictures made with an Olympus E1 camera, part of an experiment I'm doing. So, enjoy the pictures, whatever they were shot with. Back to our regularly scheduled programming, with a picture made about an hour and a half ago:

Torrington, Connecticut
Winsted, Connecticut

Church Doorway

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Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Back Alley

Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

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Lockport, Pennsylvania

Shop Windows

Lockport, Pennsylvania

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Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Flags in Windows

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

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Goshen, Connecticut

Tibet Fest: Rehearsal

Goshen, Connecticut

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