Monday, November 07, 2011

Source of One Problem

Woodbury, Connecticut

Here's what caused us three extra days of cold and dark after the main lines were restored in our area.



James Weekes said...

We have a pot like that on the pole across the street. During a near miss by a hurricane we had trees down all over and outages galore. I was out surveying the damage to our property by the road and the pot just blew up with an incredible boom. It was totally black within 10 seconds. We are blessed with our power companies here in north Florida; within an hour they were at the pole and replaced it in another hour.

Maybe CT will wake up and get after the power company.

Carl Weese said...

James, there may have been some fireworks when this blew, but we were at a friend's house and no one was in the office across the street. Houses are so far apart here that no one else would have seen/heard anything.