Monday, November 21, 2011

May Peace Prevail

State Route 52, Ellenville, New York.

Outdoor advertising—roadside billboards—is a relatively inexpensive way to reach fairly large numbers of eyeballs and so is quite popular here with advocacy groups. Mostly groups promoting an extremist fundamentalist-religious agenda. So I was surprised to see a series of billboards along a highway in eastern upstate New York advocating instead for world peace. So later I checked [] and found that it's The World Peace Prayer Society, founded in Japan, with a number of international offices. A brief look at the site indicates that, far from fundamentalist, the Society appears to be mystical in orientation. But they've discovered the bargain of outdoor advertising.

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Anonymous said...

Carl, I think one reason you see more signs from the conservative cause groups is that conservatives for the most part don't march.

Almost exclusively, everytime I see a group moved enough to march in the street it is a liberal cause.

I think the two groups just take the approach that they feel works better for them.