Monday, November 28, 2011


Winchester, Connecticut


Anonymous said...

Reporting on suspicious activity is not a bad thing, but I see a far darker side to this.

It trains the populace to report on things not fitting a "norm". Someday your kids report that you didn't attend the party rally last night and you get carted off for re-education.

Carl said...

Yes, but I think it goes beyond that. This is a concerted effort to subvert the Bill of Rights. Finding suspicious activity under every mattress and around every corner, using "reduced lethality" weapons on peaceful demonstrators who needn't be dealt with using any sort of weapon in the first place, establishing Free Speech Areas when that used to be the whole country--because of, you know, the First Amendment--this is all getting out of hand very quickly.

Dennis said...

Just because I'm a grouch: I sure a lot of 2nd amendment wack jobs are all for the type of survailance (< spelling ) encouraged on the billboard.