Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weed, with Frost

Washington, Connecticut


Rich Gift Of Lins said...

That looks like one of this year's foxglove plants. I like to see these, they make me think about how good next year can be as they are biennials.

James Weekes said...

It also looks like mullein, a common N.E. roadside weed. My daughter is an herbalist and says that it is one of the most useful. The oil is very good for earaches. It too is a biennial, with long golden spikes of flowers in the Fall. The leaves are soft anf hairy, like lamb's ear.

Carl Weese said...

James, that's the name I'm familiar with. Interesting that it's useful to herbalists, I'm only aware of it as a plant with a wonderful combination of shapes and textures.