Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter Light, III

Woodbury, Connecticut

Seven-thirty this morning.


Colin Griffiths said...

I can feel the morning air and sense the promise of the day ahead. I can really, really feel some affinity with this image. It's very good.

Carl said...

Thanks, Colin. The forecast had been for dead clear skies this morning. As the sun rose I saw that, instead, there were thin wisps of cloud scattered throughout the sky. Much more promising conditions. So I hopped in the car and raced to a location where I'm doing some long lens landscapes. After exhausting those possibilities I headed for home and saw this wonderful light on a very familiar scene less than half a mile from the house. Grabbed the GF1 which had the 14mm mounted, switched to 16:9 aspect ratio and quickly made some exposures before the sun burned away the clouds.

John Sarsgard said...

Keep exploring winter light. I'm learning along with you. This is promising!