Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Storm Damage

Saturday afternoon the power went out in the massive storm here. I've never seen so much snow fall in such a short time. All night we listened to trees breaking with the sound of rifle shots, followed by loud crashes. Behind the house on the hill, near the buildings, in the valley across the road from us. Every few minutes another nightmarish sound. With no power the house has settled down to 48 degrees by the time morning rolls around. Yesterday, in clouds, it never got much above 50. Today with clear sunlight our large group of south facing windows may get the rooms on that side of the house up in the mid-fifties before falling again. I've spent as much time as is safe using a chainsaw to clear driveway and building access. Finally just got to the community center to have a shower and get rid of the sawdust and two-cycle engine exhaust. Then to the library to use their WiFi. 80% of the town is without power, and many towns are worse.

Here are pictures I made first thing Sunday morning around our property. Now we'll be heading back to the cold house and see how the unhappy cats are doing.

Woodbury, Connecticut


Martina said...

... and when I saw a new item in my feedreader for working pictures, I thought: Hey, he has power! Hey, he has heat! But alas, it's the library. :-(

Ryan said...

Hope the community recovers soon. We're still in the golden rust days of fall here. Though we had an incredible Halloween blizzard in '91 that folks still talk about.

Some nice snow pictures there.

Taken For Granted said...

Hope your power is back on, and your house is warm by this time. Damage looks terrible. Stunning pictures of wet snow.

Carl Weese said...

I'm back at the library again. The CL&P online power outage listing now shows Woodbury as 58% out, which is a big improvement over 89% yesterday. There's no predictable pattern to restoration. It could reach our location this morning or not until Sunday, which is what state government is predicting as the time most all of the state will be restored.