Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Coal Country" at Camera Work

An exhibit of my pictures from the anthracite coal country of northeastern Pennsylvania will be on display at the Camera Work Gallery in Scranton, Pennsylvania, this September. Follow this link for complete details and some information about the pictures in the show.


Ernest Theisen said...

Well Carl the show sounds great. I hope you sell a bunch. Carl are you scanning the big negs or are you having them scanned. If you are doing the scanning please tell me more about the scanner. My Epson scanner will only take a 5x7 neg.

Carl Weese said...

Ernie, I'm scanning the negatives on a Microtek 9800XL. This can handle transparent media up to 12x16 inches. Since the image area of a 7x17 neg is quite a bit shorter than 17 inches to begin with, and since getting the scanner I'm careful to allow for the 16" limit when framing up the pictures, this has been an acceptable answer. The scanner has excellent tonal range (as long as you lie to it and scan negs as positives: results stink if you tell the thing it's scanning a neg) and the resolution of "only" 1600ppi is fine for big negatives like these.