Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Empire State Building

New York, NY

From East 30th Street, at night.

When I was a kid my mother worked about three blocks from the Empire State Building. I only remember once being taken up to the observation tower. Starting when I was ten or eleven in summer or school breaks I would often ride the train into town with her from New Jersey and then wander around mid-town all day with my father's Rolliecord while she did her job, drawing shoes and jewelry and handbags for Saks 34th Street's newspaper ads. It was considered a blunder to gaze up at the building and "look like a tourist," but staying a few blocks away this past weekend I decided that, 50-some years on, I could afford the loss of status that might be involved in looking up.

New York, NY
From Madison Avenue, morning.

New York, NY
From inside the CAP "Highlight Studio" on 30th St.


Ernest Theisen said...

Very well done, I like the night shot the best.

Neil Larsen said...

Beautiful! Modern day Edward Hopper. Has Mike at TOP seen these? - he would love them.