Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Warwick

Warwick, New York

Working on the design of the drive-in theater book yesterday, I found that the scan of this 7x17 inch negative was made on my Microtek 9800, back in 2009, when the scanner was failing. Long stripes across the sky when you look closely. So one of my tasks this morning has been to locate the negative, made in 2002, to scan it in two sections on my Epson V750. After merging the two scans in Photoshop I've got a nice rendition of the dramatic light and clouds on the late winter morning I shot it. More good news, a quick search online tells me the Warwick is up and running for the season, having managed to make the expensive conversion to digital projection.

As always, click on the image and you'll get a larger, clearer view of the picture. Don't forget there's still the April print offer going on, details at the top of the right-hand sidebar.

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