Thursday, September 11, 2014


Canaan, Connecticut

Today is our 43rd wedding anniversary, though a lot of people have a more recent anniversary of another sort on their minds. The Knights of Columbus at a church in Canaan had a large flag suspended from a ladder firetruck, a tent with benches and chairs and a coffin draped in a flag. A man was reading names. Oddly, at least during the minutes I was there making some pictures, the names being read don't seem to have been the Twin Tower or Pennsylvania crash site victims, because every single one of them began with military rank. Captain, private, and so on. I guess it might have been a list of police/fire casualties.

 Great Barrington, Massachusetts

We went for a little look-around in the fittingly gloomy weather hoping for a few pictures with interesting light. Had a surprisingly nice lunch at a pizza place, which had their flag in the parking lot flying at half-mast.


James Weekes said...

Could they have been the Pentagon victims?

Carl said...

Just checked and there seem to have been 30 deaths on the ground at the Pentagon, and a minority of those are listed with military rank. Most of the victims were in the plane, and a lot of Pentagon staff are civilian employees.