Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Presentation

On June 8 I'll be giving a presentation in Groveland, MA, at the Langley-Adams Library. It's based on my long term (since 2001) project photographing drive-in theaters across the United States. The program will run from 6-8 PM. There will be a short introduction to lay out the timeline of the drive-in theaters from 1933 to the present and explain a bit about the business model followed by the 300-plus theaters that are still successful. Next, a slide show with nearly 150 of the theaters, based on the selection and sequencing of the book design for the project, which is nearly complete. We'll have time at the end for a question and answer period.


lyle said...

My old 'hood. There used to be a DI in Georgetown (down rt 133) a few miles from there. I think it went the usual route: 1st run, then 2rd run, then porn, then a mini-mall.

Markus said...

This sounds like a good opportunity to get your work to the audience, Carl.

Whenever I look at my "Pike's", I am enjoying both subject and medium.

JG said...

If I lived at least 1,500 miles closer to Groveland, MA, I would be joining you on the 8th ... good luck with your presentation and I can't wait to see the book!