Monday, October 26, 2015

Shepaug River at Hidden Valley

Washington, Connecticut

This is more or less where the mist was rising from in yesterday's shot from The Lookout. Overnight and morning air temperature was much colder than the water temp. While there's a lot of autumn color still in the woods the season has been subdued rather than spectacular. That doesn't necessarily make for less interesting pictures.


Markus said...

Carl, this was a marvellous light you had in the Hidden Valley - all the subtleties of the fall colors captured and delicately processed. Especially today's image should look wonderful on a baryta-like paper (glossy would be to hard on the image for my taste, and with a matte paper I would fear to loose a bit of those intricate details)

Carl Weese said...

Markus, I agree about the quality of current baryta-style papers. For Epson, I like Canson's material, and Red River has "San Gabriel" which is similar and comes in 11x14, a rarity now, but convenient for the 4/3s format. For my HP, their Pro Satin has a similar smooth-but-not-shiny surface and even better quality because of the Z3200's inking system, though I don't think it is technically a baryta paper.

In any case, pictures like this want materials with all the gamut you can get, in order to get exactly the degree of subtle color wanted.