Friday, January 15, 2016

Cowee Mountains Overlook (Picture and Setting Series, #5)

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

The haze that turns the Blue Ridge area blue long predates industrial air pollution, and it's pretty much a constant year-round. This spot isn't the highest point on the Parkway, but as the sign shows it's within a hundred feet or so of the high spot. I've been back to this overlook several times in different seasons and have found dramatic differences in the mood that can be captured. This was late afternoon, but still well before sunset, in spring of 2000.

A bit of web searching last evening turned up the depressing fact that currently this is one of the few overlooks at the southern end of the Parkway that has been maintained enough to still provide a view. The last time I was down there, in 2005, I noticed how overgrown much of the area had become over five years. I wonder if now, ten more years on, I'd recognize some of the places I've photographed here.

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