Sunday, February 07, 2016

Winter Rain

Washington, Connecticut

We've finally had snow and temperatures well below freezing the past couple of days. Earlier in the week though we had a long winter rain in southern New England while a large area hundreds of miles to the south was getting snow.


James said...

Hi Carl. Nice set of photos over the last few days. Are these taken with different camera from your usual one? Can't help noticing the different aspect ratio.

Carl Weese said...

James, once again some comments arrive with an email notice as usual and others just go to Blogger with no notice to me, like this one. So it's been sitting around nearly a week.

I've wanted to do some b&w work recently, partly because I have some teaching coming up where I want to have a few example prints in palladium made from digital negatives from digital capture. Since that's what most of the students will be doing. Most of my Pt/Pd prints from digital negatives are from scanned large format film.

Same camera (Lumix GX7) but I've set up a special Custom Mode that not only turns the finder/LCD to monochrome but also sets the aspect ratio at 2:3. Both of these are to make the camera "feel different" and serve as a reminder that I'm shooting for b&w even though the back of my brain can't help knowing that I'm really using a color camera. Also, when I download a card, I can filter the new arrivals in Bridge by aspect ratio and immediately use a custom preset to turn all the 2:3 pictures to grayscale. When I see something I want to shoot in color, it takes just a second to flip the Custom Mode back to one of my normal settings. I think this was starting to work well but I've been blocked by the severe weather from continuing the past several days.