Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Two Shop Windows

Willimantic, Connecticut

The small central CT city of Windham/Willimantic is struggling, while the town of New Milford in western CT is quite gentrified. The windows seem to show the contrast.

New Milford, Connecticut

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Markus said...

An ambiguous problem in my eyes: as long as most parts of the society can participate in an upwards movement, the betterment of old, "simple" quarters certainly is not bad per se. In an overheated situation, where new dinks (double income, no kids) crowd out long time dwellers who cannot afford the rising rents any more, it certainly is a problem.

The City of munich has marked out some areas with a preservation statute to at least slow down such development. Certainly a horrifying thought for dyed-in-the-wool Ayn Rand disciples.