Sunday, June 26, 2016


Torrington, Connecticut

I did a double-take driving through the gate to this parking lot. I park here quite often when I go to shoot in Torrington, because I don't need to stuff quarters into a meter as I would if I parked on Main Street, plus, there's interesting stuff to walk past. It serves a town ballfield where not only school teams but some sort of minor league team plays games. As I walked around the town, I found that there was some sort of art project going on, with several local galleries teaming with a local yarn shop. This struck me as interesting, but I didn't really find any other pictures. Parking meter cozies are really the knitter's work, nothing much for me to add, except for this one.


Taken For Granted said...

This is a great find on your walk past the baseball field. Not sure if this counts as a "yarn bomb" or not, but I like it.

richardplondon said...

This one gives me an impression of some hapless small creature that's been trapped, killed, and its hide pegged out (to warn off others?)... it's like a slightly gruesome 'trophy', beyond just the decoration (or signage) aspect.

In the same way that there's more going on with graffiti, than just property damage.

Carl Weese said...

Yeah, it's fun, but somehow a bit creepy as well. None of the other "installations" around the town struck me as visually interesting.