Saturday, June 24, 2017

City Trees/Weeds, East 30th Street

New York, New York

I really can't tell whether the little sumac-looking thing is in some sort of planter on the faux-balcony, or if it just seeded there along the railing by itself.


Tom Arbour said...

It's likely a tree-of-heaven, a weedy terry with very few redeeming qualities except that it can grow just about anywhere in our climate. It's now invading natural areas, unfortunately. It has a decidedly unpleasant smell when the leaves are crushed.

Martina said...

I think Tom is absolutely right. We have these everywhere. The Botanical Garden at uni last year felled many of the older ones since they couldn't get rid of all the offsets.

You recall the construction site in front of my office? Tree-of-heavens are growing all over the place - no water, no fertilizer. They don't care.

Carl Weese said...

Yes, I recognized the name as soon as Tom mentioned it, just didn't recall it last evening. In CT they are among the first to invade a vacant city lot, so not surprising to find them all around in NYC.