Thursday, March 29, 2018

Protest March Pictures in a Web Gallery

Kent, Connecticut

There's been some interest in the pictures, posted here, that I made during the MarchForOurLives in the small community of Kent, CT. So I made up an online Web Gallery with two dozen of the pictures, larger and much better "web reproductions" than the presentation you see here at Blogger. If you'd like to take a closer look, click on over to the Web Gallery with this Link.

While I was there, I added two galleries to the "Month By Month" section, September and October of 2017. These galleries each show a dozen of the pictures posted here during each month, again at larger size and much better definition than the Blogger presentation. They're near the top of the Online Galleries at my site.

Don't bother heading over to the links now. Something went haywire creating/uploading the modified Muse files and the whole site is out of whack until I find out what's wrong. I'd been planning to choose and learn a new web creation program because Adobe is phasing out Muse—maybe that's going to turn into a rush proposition.


The site seems to be working now. I discovered that a change I made several days ago to the site's navigation system renamed one of the Muse pages even though I didn't directly work on that page, which led me not to upload it when updating the site. This had no immediate effect, but at some point after adding new pages it brought on:

“Some files on the server may be missing or incorrect. Clear browser cache and try again. If the problem persists please contact website author.”

Then it devolved into a javascript error as well. So I local-exported the site from Muse again, then began methodically to upload all dozen items (files/folders) in the Muse Export folder. One of them (the page with changed name) didn't bring up an "Overwrite?" dialog. Oops. I continued to overwrite all 12 items in the export folder, and deleted the changed file's previous incarnation. Then I got the missing files message again in Safari. So I launched Firefox and it went to the site smoothly. Not finding any way to manually clear the cache in Safari, I opened the Onyx maintenance program and used it to 'clear browser cache' and tried Safari again. That worked. So I learned something important about a program that Adobe is phasing out. Terrific.

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