Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Boom Box Parade


Willimantic, Connecticut, 7/4/21

The Willimantic Fourth of July Boom Box Parade was held for the 36th time this past Sunday. The distinguishing characteristic of the parade is that there are no marching bands. Instead, marchers carry 'boom box' portable radios tuned to the local radio station, Wili AM 1400, which plays marching band music and other patriotic-theme selections.


Cars and trucks in the parade also blasted AM 1400 or its FM twin with the windows rolled down. I'll post some more from the parade in the next few days.

As always you can click on the front page pictures to see a much larger and clearer version.


John said...

So, sthis was a one man band? ;-)

Carl Weese said...

Actually, there were enough radios that the music was clear most of the mile long parade route.