Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2010 Laurel Festival, I

Winsted, Connecticut

It's getting to the point around here that about the only thing to photograph is the weather itself. Which is getting a little bit old already. Luckily, I have some pictures that I secreted away last June. I was still buried in the TOP Platinum Print Offer fulfillment, but I sneaked away from the darkroom one Sunday to photograph the beauty pageant/parade part of the Winsted, CT, Laurel Festival. If you've been stopping by this daily blog for a while, or its occasional companion WPII, you might remember pictures from previous Laurel Festivals.

June 13th was a chilly, drizzling day which made things a bit miserable for the young ladies involved, but the quality of the light was actually quite wonderful. I took a quick look at the pictures when I got home, but was too completely buried in the print offer work to do a serious edit of a large take. So the folder has been sitting around in my archives, waiting for weather like this for me to edit the shoot and work on the captures. The results can feed this blog for the next few days, as well.

Winsted, Connecticut

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