Monday, January 03, 2011


Waterbury, Connecticut

The one way street runs along the side of a derelict municipal parking garage.


lyle said...

"Do not...", "no public ..." and I was just getting to like waterbury! on technical note if I may, the range of 'whites' is quite large in this case: sign (off white), brilliant snow (a shade lighter), snow in the garage (really gray, reads as snow). how is this captured with digital? is there metering going on? (i really have to get a digital camera and start working with this) will this present a problem printing? thanks...lyle

Carl Weese said...

Lyle, the shot just fits into the tonal range available for the GF1 camera, with quite modest adjustments to the RAW file. The camera was in Aperture priority with -.66 exposure compensation, which is pretty much my default for this camera in strong light. The brightest snow was slightly clipped, but 25 points of Recovery in ACR brought it back nicely. 20 points of "Fill Light" opened up the dark areas inside the garage. Moving the Brightness slider to 59 opened up the middle tones like the concrete wall and the shadowed snow.

To print this I'd probably leave the bright values alone but open up the mid and lower values considerably by increasing the settings in Fill Light and Brightness. I'll email you a screen grab of the ACR main window.

Martina said...

A nice find - I guess not only lyle has his/her problems with Waterbury's "NO"-signs, ;-).