Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Windows and Doors

 Waterbury, Connecticut

This building is a few blocks west of the derelict parking lot posted recently. It had been in operation as a sort of combination fast food place and kinda deli, but with Hallal food. And donuts. That didn't last. The construction permits for whatever comes next are already issued and posted, so I'll be interested to come back and see what happens.

Waterbury, Connecticut


lyle said...

considering my last post, i guess i am into 'text today. i first saw this as a framed panorama, then noticed the one way with the backward text. nice bit of tension!

Carl Weese said...

Lyle, why not? We often have different unconscious concentrations while out looking for pictures. I know there are days when I make a lot of pictures that depend on text elements--I sometimes think of these as "self-captioning" pictures. Often I find them right where they were when I walked by before, but with a different concentration going on.

Edd Fuller said...

Speaking of text, I like the short text that has accompanied these recent posts--I hope that you will continue with that. Your photos certainly stand on their own, but a little "back story" adds another dimension that I enjoy.