Friday, January 28, 2011

More Roof Shoveling

Waterbury, Connecticut

I spent a couple of hours out wandering around two small cities today. This amount of snow "in town" is really weird, stranger even than seeing it piled up along the margin of country roads. It's treacherous, too. Barely half of the sidewalks have been cleared (the towns could raise quite a bit of revenue by handing out summonses to delinquent property owners). The situation is dangerous as well. I felt very insecure several times walking in a narrow side street, because the sidewalk wasn't clear, with cars trying to get through. I hear there have been quite a few incidents of pedestrians hit by motorists.

As always you can get a larger version of the pictures posted here by clicking in the picture area. Use your browser's back button to return. The next shot shows where a dutiful citizen (a wholesale foods distributor) has carefully cleared the sidewalk at the edge of their property, near an exit ramp for I-84.

Waterbury, Connecticut

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Dennis Allshouse said...

Hmmmm, hmmmm , hmmmm... That's a lot of snow. I'm pretty tired of shoveling my tiny driveway. Truly I don't mind shoveling that much but the relentless quality is wearing.