Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Park, Hardwick, Vermont

Painted Walls

For some reason I'm seeing more and more painted walls around. Decoration in parks, or downtowns. Here the low wall surrounding the little park is inset with panels of mosaic, but then there's the weird wash of pale pastel purple fading to white on the big wall at the back. One thing I wonder is whether at some point this section of wall was used as a downtown outdoor movie theater. The proportion of the finished section is perfect for 'scope projection, if it was originally painted flat white.


Tony Rowlett said...

Hi, Carl. I've been looking at your blog ever since Mike pointed it out, and I must say I really like your photography. It's different, more different, than most others' work. There is a certain quiet beauty to the scenes that catch your eye. Upon first look, many of the scenes seem ordinary and uninteresting, but upon further inspection, there is a kind of harmony of colors and shapes that I really like. Interestingly, your photography affects me not so much during the moments that I'm viewing it, but more often during times when I'm out alone, wandering my own "ordinary" streets. I see many scenes every day and I think to myself, that's something Carl would probably photograph, and then I get the urge (mostly when I don't have my camera with me, mind you!) to capture it. In a sense, I somehow derive "permission" from your work, that it is "OK" to photograph this or that, and then show it. I will one of these days, and I'll show it somewhere. Thanks, man.

Carl Weese said...


Always delighted to be a bad influence!

The great photography teacher/writer David Vestal often stresses how important it is that we learn to take our own pictures, not somebody else's. Giving yourself permission to photograph what interests you, just because it interests you, whether or not you think anyone else will be interested, is a good step in that same direction.