Friday, December 22, 2006

Union City, Connecticut

Flag and Windows


Anonymous said...

So, after looking at your latest pictures made with the new camera my question is this: how do you feel about the change in aspect ratio?

It's been interesting looking at these after getting accustomed to your blog work in 4:3. I've been thinking about this lately in my own work. I work in 3:2 (have been for years) and like that "window", but am finding the vertical orientation less and less appealing. Any thoughts on the change with respect to your pictures?

Carl Weese said...

Michael, I think this came up once before, but anyway, I jump around aspect ratios like crazy. For the past decade the main thrust of my work has been large/ultra-large format work in b&w for contact printing in platinum. I travel in a pickup truck with 5x7, 8x10, 7x17, and 12x20 inch cameras. Note that not only the size, but the proportions, are all different. Compared to this, moving between 4/3s and the traditional 35 2:3 (which I've been shooting in for over forty years) is seamless, or simply a return to the familiar.