Sunday, June 17, 2007

Winsted Laurel Festival, Part V

Like any other small New England city, Winsted sports a town green, complete with bandstand. Everyone congregated there as the parade came to an end. There was a throne for past and future Laurel Queens. A trio sang the national anthem while last year's queen, town dignitaries, and the crowd stood at attention.

This year's pageant contestants waited behind the bandstand for the moment of their introductions to the crowd.


promenadeur said...

IMO the picture with the pageant contestants is the best with a distance to all of this series.
It tells a lot about this festival and its paticipants. And, beside color and compostiton, there are some interesting interactions between the persons on this picture.
Most of the other photos show IMO mainly a festival of car dealers as its the same with our carneval here in Stuttgart.

Carl Weese said...

There's more to come.