Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bridgewater, Connecticut

Senior Center Reaches Out

Diane has lived in Bridgewater since 1951. Back then, there were no Senior Centers, at least not in rural small towns. For years she was active in town affairs, Secretary of the Democratic Town Committee for decades. Her husband had a small business there. She had her 92nd birthday recently. There's a Senior Center now in town but she's been too fragile to get out except for essential doctor's appointments. A table full of Christmas presents arrived last Friday. For the Holiday Season, the Senior Center had put the strong arm on all the local businesses, to good effect. The town's senior citizens got lots of goodies. There was a nice table clock with big readable face, set already to the correct time (sure, it has a huge logo for the bank that donated it, but that seems OK).
Next there was a wonderful LED miniature flashlight, a night-light, nice fleece throws, candy and popcorn, another package with a sort of white teddy bear appended, with other things inside, and of course a poinsettia. Then my discovery: a toolbox with exactly the stuff I can never find there when I visit and am asked to fix something. Hammer, screw drivers, wrenches, Allen keys, all the things that "walk" from an old person's house. I hid the kit in a special place so it will be there the next time there's something I need to fix.

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