Friday, December 09, 2011


New York, New York


Dennis said...

This one reminds me of another of yours from some years back featuring three people facing in three different directions each talking on a cellphone. It spoke to me of isolation and is a very powerful image. Never mentioned it before.

Carl Weese said...

Dennis, I think there is a sense of isolation here along with all the hustle and bustle. The cell phone picture you mention is from quite a while back. The irony there was that it was made on the campus of UC Berkeley where I was attending the Codex Artist-Book Fair. You'd think a university campus would be a place for connections and direct contact, but there they were all talking to someone distant, very out of touch with their immediate surroundings.

Mike Mundy said...

Ahem, speaking of Berkeley, the Occupy Berkeley crowd seems to be going quite strong.