Sunday, March 02, 2014


Ansonia, Connecticut

Another red wall with graffiti. For some reason there are a lot of brick buildings painted red in Ansonia, but I haven't found out whether there's a tradition behind it, or only coincidence.


Francis J said...

One of my favourites. Is it because of its minimalism? Or this special red? Or the graffiti? The whole thing makes a good composition. The whole thing is the point.

Carl Weese said...

Francis, it is a special red, so much so that I did a WhiBal test shot so I could nail the white balance for technically accurate color instead of the subjective way I usually address WB. Plus, you bring up one of my main points about how pictures work: it has to be the whole thing. There is no subject, no background. Only the whole picture, every bit of it. It all works, or not.