Thursday, July 10, 2014


New Britain, Connecticut


richardplondon said...

Something eerie about this one - an odd scale sensation.

It's highlighted IMO by the central "seam" where very two very similar-toned areas of brickwork abut. We can see these have to be at very different distances from the camera, but all kinds of contradictory visual cues set up a lot of 2D-3D tension.

And the rest of the picture unsettles rather than resolves that. Intriguing.

I really enjoy and admire these series - please don't take the recent dearth of comments, as a lack of interest!

Carl Weese said...

Richard, there's a reason for the strange perspective. These buildings probably began as upscale apartment houses. They are actually dug into a steep hill at the edge of the city center. From the camera position, the ground rises sharply front to back and right to left. I think the architects designed the facades to have a sense of stability in the odd site, but when a picture strips away the surroundings, the relationship of the buildings is quite disconcerting.

James Weekes said...

Lovely framing.

Part of the reason for the dearth of commenting is that the German-American Hydrantologists Association has had a two week meeting in Provence with 2/3 of the membership present. Yes, I have spent some wonderful times with Martina. Of course our partners were here too. We have snapped many odd French hydrants for future display. We return to our homes over the weekend and will resume commenting soon,