Friday, July 04, 2014


Willimantic, Connecticut

The WILI Boom Box parade claims to be unique, and well may be. This is the 29th time. The first time, the area could find no marching bands for a parade, so the local AM radio station organized a parade where people on the sidelines and marchers would use "boom boxes" tuned to WILI, as floats and affinity groups marched. See details on the history of this at the link. I've meant to get to it for a while but kept missing, but today, with a hurricane heading up the coast and rain in the forecast, I drove up. There will be more pictures from the wonderful rainy day conditions and enthusiastic participants, and my not-waterproof GX7 survived. More to come. Also too, while there aren't any marching bands available, SWAT teams in not-quite-tanks are easy to come by.

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