Monday, August 14, 2017

Street Scene

Torrington, Connecticut

We're having an impressive weed season in Southern New England. I was finding a good angle for the hydrant and tall weeds when a car and a pedestrian entered the scene.


MikeR said...

Pretty impressive down here in SE Pennsylvania as well.

I was in Torrington one day back in 1963. I thought that the town was a bit "tired," but not down and out. It appears, from your photographs, that the slope was all downhill from there.

Carl Weese said...

The economic situation is mixed. This section has old factory and warehouse buildings that have been un-or-under-occupied for decades, but it's only a few blocks from the center of town where there's a lot of restoration work going on. There's even a quite lively arts scene with a large gallery space. Some of the old buildings in the town center are turning into artists' loft spaces. The manufacturing base of the economy is gone and isn't coming back, but it isn't all gloom.