Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day, without a Parade

Torrington, Connecticut

This morning I went up to Torrington around the time that, in any ordinary year, a large Memorial Day Parade would be forming to move north on Main Street, circle around a couple blocks to the west and return to Main at The Five Corners intersection. Around the residential streets pandemic and support signs have become ubiquitous.

In from of City Hall there were flags and on the lawn a lot of what appeared to be knitted or crocheted veterans poppies. Other years, a big reviewing stand of metal bleachers would fill the sidewalk here.

There were very few cars on the street, but a lot of honking was coming from the Five Corners where a small group of pro-Trump (judging from their signs) demonstrators were gathered. Almost none of them were wearing masks.

There was little traffic but quite a few of the cars and trucks honked their horns.

Click on any picture for a larger, more legible view of the set.

Looking north up Main at Five Corners—a far cry from the usual parade.

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