Saturday, May 09, 2020


Washington, Connecticut

Looking around Litchfield County yesterday afternoon before the rain began. Spring is—very slowly—coming in.

Litchfield, Connecticut


Markus said...

It is every year astonishing for me how late spring comes in Connecticut - here in Bavaria we already had some days with +25° C (77F), blooming of the trees is almost over already, and we are heading for early summer. Of course this makes the ban of assembling in parks, on lake shores and in beergardens pretty hard (for many of my fellow citizens - not so much for me)

Carl Weese said...

Even later than usual this year, Markus. We've had frost the past two mornings though it's now up over 60°F this afternoon. Most of the flowering trees have been stalled at very early stage, maybe will advance this week.