Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hudson, New York
Two Objects

Heracles, above. I don't recall the skull in the translations I've read.

Below, Roxbury International again. I keep looking at the airplane in the hanger. Its designers may have wanted it to be beautiful, but I'm sure they mostly wanted it to fly. I find it interesting that if you design something to fly, it's nearly certain to be beautiful.

Roxbury, Connecticut


Anonymous said...

Your comments on aircraft, fully agree. Nice capture

Peter Lindner

Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Have you ever seen a Fieseler Storch (stork), the ultimate rough short field aircraft? Something like it is still built in Poland by PZL. I think it is beautiful, but most probably wouldn't. You can see them at


Anonymous said...

On Heracles; first it appears that the object neither appealed to the artistic or the romactic crowd, hence being relagated to the shed, and a triumph over death explains the skull to my mind.