Wednesday, January 31, 2007

South New Berlin, New York

Sports Car


Ernest Theisen said...

Austin Heley?

Carl Weese said...


I've never had the money to maintain an interest in sports cars, but this hulk looks like British cars that were in their prime when I was in high school in the middle 1960s.

Anonymous said...

yes, it is an Austin Healey
has probably been used for stock car racing with the roll bar behind the drivers seat

like the shot


Jon R. said...

Maybe here is as good a place as any to say how much I admire and enjoy all your photos, Mr. Weese. The desolate but peaceful landscapes; the drive-ins sitting in bare survival or abandonment; the recent color work.... Your photography is very different from mine, yet underlying it is the same principle of seeing. You make me want to keep on making photographs. Thank you.

Carl Weese said...


Thank you. The point of a blog, it seems to me, is to share work with a broader audience than might otherwise see it. I'm glad you found it, and glad that you respond to it.