Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Notes: Post at TOP

A week or so ago I thought I'd write up some notes for a rare technical post here, about some things I was finding out while working with a new piece of equipment in connection with the Winter Light series. Thing is, the notes took off and grew into a full length article for The Online Photographer. If you're interested just link on over to have a look.

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Rich Gift Of Lins said...

You have made some interesting observations. Despite having an Epson 3800, during the past couple of years I think I've only printed A3 twice. Usually I print on A4 with a good border as I prefer small personal prints for my own work (more book like). I've been very much aware that my GF1 is generally very adequate, though I do prefer the elasticity of my 5D MkII RAW files for my B&W work. It's good to read what you've written, a lot of folk seem to have lost the plot when it comes to being pragmatic photographers! One question: how do you get on with the G3 as knowing how tall you are I can't imagine that you've got particularly small hands? The grip put me off the camera when I picked it up.