Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Light, XXXVIII: Steep Rock Reservation

Washington, Connecticut

With rain predicted for the afternoon, I thought the mid-day light looked pretty interesting and went up to Steep Rock Reservation to try for some pictures in the woods. Instead of rain, a very light snow began to fall and there was more than an hour of really interesting conditions. I was also wondering how well I could get this sort of subject to work on micro-4/3s format, and in the process finally discovered something I like about an LCD viewing screen:

Working on a tripod! I can use a chest-high camera position while standing comfortably up straight, looking at the articulated LCD. I even found that the touch-the-screen focus-point feature was very handy, though not in this particular shot. One problem though was that I've done so much work with view cameras that for half an hour or so, every time I wanted to pan the head slightly to fine tune the framing, I'd turn it the wrong way!


Rich Gift Of Lins said...

The next time you decide to go out at lunch because the light looks good, spare a thought for those of us who are stuck in a factory until 5pm!

Don and Sher said...

A camera to shoot a camera what will they think of next

lyle said...

time to start practicing headstands so the world will again look normal!

Mike Mundy said...

I've wondered how it would be to dig out my old Zone VI focusing cloth and drape it over my head while using the LCD screen. Haven't tried it yet though.