Friday, January 03, 2014

7° F

Woodbury, Connecticut

And it's supposed to be 12-15° colder tonight.


David Littlejohn said...

Yikes, that's cold. It's supposed to go down to 10 degrees in sunny SC on Monday night. That's dangerously cold for us. Stay warm.

Markus Spring said...

Wonderful non-color, Carl! This is the only thing I miss in our grey-sans-snow weather: how the snow abstracts a well known landscape.

Carl said...

David, it got worse, and our heating system didn't fail, and then it got better. Another not quite so bad cold snap expected in a few days.

Markus, I converted this shot to mono because the very low light before dawn was just freaky. Making the snow neutral gave a color temp of 13,000°K, and didn't look at all like the scene did to my eyes. Mono makes a much better presentation of it.