Monday, January 13, 2014

Experience Maibock Beer!

Torrington, Connecticut

I bet someone will be able to tell me what this stuff is, other than part of the only vegetarian food category at the East Side Restaurant.


Markus said...

Further haunting Martina, Carl?

Maibock is double strong beer (still vegetarian), usually dark and sweet. It comes from the monastic tradition of brewing stronger beer in and after the lenting season. As one of the best Bavarian cabaret artist (I am not sure if that's the correct word, he is a intellectual, political comedian, certainly not what a comedian is nowadays) said: We have a religion which not only does not forbid to drink alcohol, no, it does brew it itself!

Carl Weese said...

Strong sounds good, not so sure about sweet. But those monks seem to have been on to something.