Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Woodbury, Connecticut

Torrington, Connecticut


Markus said...

Fine mood and colors here, dreamy especially in the first image.

Such signs are rare here in Germany, and if not accompagnied by a fence rarely obeyed. A colleague of mine recently returned from his visit to Wisconsin and told me that he had to adapt quite a lot when jogging near his in-laws' house: Despite suitable ways all around, he had to carefully search a route not passing through private property. Here, everybody goes allmost all ways through fields or the forest, as only a minuscule part is forbidden (for pedestrians - for cars it's different).

Carl Weese said...

I knew there was a similar open-access tradition in much of Great Britain but didn't know about the rest of Europe. Very different here. For example, the entire southern border of Connecticut is the north shore of Long Island Sound, but almost all of it is private property, with public access restricted to a few state parks with a tiny percentage of the shoreline.