Wednesday, January 07, 2015

As Cold As It Looks

Woodbury, Connecticut

A little after three o'clock and it's 19°F with predictions of well below zero later tonight.


John said...

Now the Ice Machine makes it look cold there! Its cold here in Nebraska too!

Carl said...

We had sub-zero F temps earlier in the week and I drained the darkroom plumbing (the pipes run through a vulnerable crawlspace) but the new MeagSteam boiler is keeping the house toasty and the darkroom at an exact 55° maintenance temp with the hi-tech transfer plate hot water loop. The only real nuisance is dealing with the draining/refilling of the lines in a cellar with about 5-foot headroom...

If I turn the darkroom thermostat up when I come downstairs at six, turn on the humidifier and run an inch of warm water in the 8-foot sink to bring up the humidity, I can go out and print by eight o'clock.