Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Can I or Can't I?

New Milford, Connecticut

Signs that say, "No Parking During Winter Emergencies" are a common sight in towns and cities in southern New England, and down into the mid-Atlantic states that see frequent winter storms. So this sign is an enigma. It's in a municipal lot, behind the town hall, half a block from the (picturesque) central town green. The area right behind town hall has three-hour parking, and a larger lot, to your left, as the arrow points, looking at this picture, lets you leave a car all day without moving it every few hours.

So, the upper sign points you to more municipal parking. The lower sign is in red, which usually means, "NO" but...could it mean you can park here overnight when you aren't allowed to park on the streets because the plows need to get through? Of course, they need to plow the parking lot at some point too, so maybe they just left off the "NO".

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