Friday, January 16, 2015

More Winter Light, (7)

Stockport, New York

The buildings were for sale. It's hard to tell if they might have been barns converted to some sort of residential use, or perhaps some commercial use—antique store, farmers market? However, there were also prominent No Trespassing signs so I didn't go in to look for clues.


scott kirkpatrick said...

The barn color in this looks quite unusual. Would you expect it to look different in summer sunlight? Was this also taken with the Olympus 25?


Carl Weese said...

Just looked at the originals at 100%. The one on the left is cedar shingles, which would absorb a lot of paint and then weather unevenly. On the right it's clapboard with a thick layer of different color paint. The roofs are asphalt shingle but very different, cheap and old on the left, newer and standard residential on the right. I think the colors would look strange in any light. The lens is the 17/1.8 Olympus.