Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Dusting of Snow, and a Workshop in Virginia

Woodbury, Connecticut

Just a touch of snow on things around three this afternoon, but it isn't going anywhere anytime soon, because the temperature barely broke 20°F all day. Low teens tonight, and predicted sub-zero temperatures tomorrow night. I may have to play it safe tomorrow and drain the lines to the darkroom sink because they run through an unprotected section of crawlspace. The heat loop is filled with a freeze-proof glycol mixture so the lab itself, and all the chemicals in it, will be safe and sound.

On another front, early in February (date not firm yet) I'll be teaching my Digital Platinum workshop down in Lexington, Virginia. That's way out at the western edge of the state, nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The two-day workshop will cover the full process—we'll begin with film scans or digital captures, and work from them to produce inkjet negatives on letter-size transparency material. Then we'll make platinum/palladium prints from them. Each participant will get a thorough introduction to the whole process and also produce several, perhaps half a dozen, prints of their own pictures over the course of the workshop.

We'll be working in a photographer's studio/darkroom just outside of town, and the facility can accommodate a third participant. So if you're from around those parts, and if you're curious about the platinum process, or digital negatives, or if you've ever wondered what it would be like to see a few of your favorite pictures as platinum prints, well, here's your chance. Contact me for more particulars.

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